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Whistleblower & Defamation Lawsuit Filed By Former Coach

A former Dickson Middle School football coach is suing the team’s head coach and county school board for $700,000 for alleged defamation and wrongful termination. Attorney Roland F. Mum ... Read more

Lance Armstrong's Medical Records Critical To Whistleblower Case

The US government says obtainingLance Armstrong’s medical records from the Indiana University School of Medicine could be key to proving fraud in the whistleblower lawsuit first brought by Flo ... Read more

The risks of delayed neonatal resuscitation

THE RISKS OF DELAYED NEONATAL RESUSCITATION inShare An expectant mother anxiously awaits her baby’s first breath. Sometimes, though, a newborn needs help fillings its lungs with li ... Read more

School Liability in Gym Class Accidents

A study by the Journal Pediatrics revealed that gym class accidents and injuries increased by a whopping 150 percent between 1997 and 2007; there are more than 400,000 injuries reported every year. ... Read more

Cherry Hill Criminal Lawyer Discusses Bill Drafted for New Jersey Patrol Officers to Wear On-Body Recording Devices

The power of video evidence is undeniable as it leaves no room for uncertainty about what really happened in a situation. Most disputes in our lives have relied on “he said, she said” evid ... Read more

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