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Lawyers.comsm helps you Find a Lawyer on the Go!

Need to hire an attorney and you only have your iPhone®? The new Lawyers.comsm App for the iPhone® lets you find and contact attorneys anywhere you are. The best lawyer for your needs is just a few steps away.

Your Legal Problem Easily Solved

Whether you encounter a legal issue during the day or night, you can find a lawyer even when you don't have internet access. app for the iPhone

App Features

  • Search for a lawyer by name, legal need and location - using your geo-locator or entering one manually
  • View exclusive Lawyer Ratings
  • Send an email or call a law firm or lawyer with just one touch
  • See a map and get driving directions to the lawyer’s office location
  • Access complete law firm and office profiles
  • Save your search history
  • Share lawyer profiles with your contacts

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