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Free Electronic Publication Offers Practical Information for Consumers

NEW YORK, February 27, 2012 – Lawyers.comSM, a leading legal website from LexisNexis® for consumers and small business owners, has a new, free electronic newsletter available on the site called Divorce and Family Law. The newsletter provides legal news, practical advice and information consumers can use to learn about current developments in divorce and family law. Future articles may cover such topics as adoption, paternity, child abuse and domestic violence. Readers will also receive alerts about related chats occurring on the blog, a top online destination for practical analysis of consumer legal news.

Family Divorce Newsletter Header

 “More people search for information about divorce and family law than any other topic on,” said Editor-in-Chief Larry Bodine. “The Divorce and Family Law newsletter will feature content culled from relevant posts on the blog and from the top-read articles in the “Understand Your Issue” section of the site to offer consumers practical information they need to know when they’re facing difficult legal issues affecting their family situation.”

The first issue of Divorce and Family Law can be accessed via the following link:

Subsequent issues will publish every two weeks. Those editions will be available online and will also be delivered to Join Our Mailing List buttonsubscribers via an HTML email message with live links. Lawyers who wish to contribute relevant articles are encouraged to submit their articles to

A service from LexisNexis®, receives an average of more than 2.5 million visits each month. Those interested can receive updates from the blog on Twitter® by following @Lawyerscom, by visiting Facebook® at or by downloading the application for the iPhone®.


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