Press Room Launches Mobile

If you're a fan who spends more time on your iPhone than your iMac or your Droid than your desktop, then you'll want to bookmark the new mobile-optimized version of's popular Find a Lawyer service (

The mobile Find a Lawyer service is compatible with most popular internet-enabled phones, including Blackberries, iPhones, and Google Android.

We've pared down the service so the site's quick to load. Plus, the mobile version offers services that are great for users on the go:

  • Your phone's GPS function can be used to locate lawyers in your area – iPhone & Droid only
  • Call Now allows you to dial an attorney or law firm directly from their profile
  • "One-click" messaging is also available to quickly email an attorney

The mobile version of is sure to be useful when you want to:

  • Call or email a lawyer, but don't have the contact information handy
  • Find a lawyer in a hurry in meetings or on the road
  • Send a lawyer's details to a friend or colleague

While we've added some great new features for mobile users, we haven't sacrificed any of the important information that makes the most comprehensive legal directory around. You can still:

  • Search for a lawyer or law firm by name, location and practice area
  • Get complete contact information for lawyers and law firms
  • A lawyer or law firm's average Martindale-Hubbell Peer Review RatingTM and Client Review Rating where available
  • View biography and credentials

Look for content to be available soon and added functionality as the mobile site progresses.

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